Remote Assistance Identificator

Remote Assistance Identificator 1.0

Due to high number of clients you have, and need to maintain high quality
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You may change it to match your requirements. You may use whatewer URL you like. Pay attention to use macro fields properly. Macros are simple keywords that will be replaced with actual values before remote site is accessed via http. As we said, RAI is an client. It posts information to remote server which is accessible by support stuff, allowing them to see who is online. The simplest one is to create server script that will accept posted information and store it in local file or internal database. Other script may be written to read this information and present it to authorised personell. Remember, you should keep this info about your users confidential. You may also write your own application that will be able accept http connections and gather information or you can make up any other server side solution which suits your needs. As an example we provide simple PHP script that accepts posted information and stores it in local MySQL database. Other script reads such information and shows it to the support stuff.

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